Sep. 18, 2018

Coronado Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

Coronado Full Movie In Hindi Free Download >>> DOWNLOAD

An American woman, in search of her fiancé, becomes involved in a revolution of a Central American country.

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original title: Coronado

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,War

duration: 1h 28min

tags: Let the revolution begin!

budget: $4,700,000

keywords: switzerland, rebel, centralamerica, president, jungle, dictator, cia
















































An American woman, in search of her fiancé, becomes involved in a revolution of a Central American country. Claire Winslow finds that her fiancé has just traveled to Switzerland, but forgot some important documents at home. She decides to take the documents, follow and spend Christmas with him. Once in Switzerland, she realizes that he has indeed traveled to Coronado, a country in Central America. She travels to Coronado and gets involved with a revolution. spoilers... If I got to choose one thing that will ruin cinema, it's CGI. It's so freaking lame!! And in this movie; 80 percent of like everything is animated, and that truly sucks I tell you! Not just the bad acting, terrible directing etc. In this movie the CGI really takes the job in own hands and ruins it pretty elegant and beautiful.

The story is also terribly bad. A woman going in search for her fiance in Latino-America gets in trouble with the local soldiers...

As the movie goes on you never really feel like you've got anything interesting or cool into your eyes. And when the special effects are just okay, this really doesn't help the movie in its scale cause it really irritated me all the way. STARS: 1/5 Another awful movie from Hollywood. This time a female helps the revolution in a central American country. yeah yeah yeah. Hey lets make a movie without any sense of realism AT ALL. I am so sick of movies like this one. The actors and actresses are lousy, the effects are cheesy and the dialog horrible. And suddenly i see John Rhys-Davies as the evil president. From Gimli to Hugo Louis Ramos. I bet he is very proud of this. Well i shouldn't have expected much of this movie and i didn't. And i am glad cause this sucks bigtime. I wonder what kind of people who like this movie. My guess is younger people aged 12-16. And i guess some people like because of Kristin Dattilo. Well i am in neither of those group and i hate it. Rating: 2 Is there a DVD version of this film that has English subtitles? Unfortunately, the one carried by Amazon only has French subtitles. Does anyone know?

It also says it is "closed captioned", but there was no menu selection to turn that on. How does one make that work in a DVD/Blu-ray player environment?



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